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Enabled structures, towers, racks.

We prefabricate structural steel elements, which allows us to cope with our customer’s needs and contribute in reducing the costs of material, labor intense activities, and use of resources.

Environmentally sustainable Solutions

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    Solar steel frames

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    Transmission towers

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Solar Steel Frames

INGETEK produces the galvanized steel structure with a vertical or horizontal assembly, which can be of fixed or mobile use, with own design or in collaboration with other companies who supply the panel’s different components.


  • Structural steel.
  • Screwed or soldered structural steel.
  • Zinc coating according to ASTM and NXM standards.
Galvanized solar steel frame suitable to fasten both vertical and horizontal panels layout
Self-supported and tall structures retained by structural steel lattice Ingetek

Transmission Towers

Ingetek offers the fabrication, assembly and installation of transmission towers, which are tall, self-supported structures retained by structural steel lattice of single, double or multiple circuits oscillating between 115kV and 500kV.


  • Overhead electrical conductor support.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes.


Ingetek offers the fabrication, assembly and installation of racks, metallic structures designed to store and acocommodate objecs, loads, or merchandise.


  • Simple assembly.
  • Load capacity in weight and volume.
  • Space optimization.
Structural Steel Fabrication: solar steel frame, transmission towers, and racks.

Products and Services

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