At INGETEK we are specialists in concrete rebar fabrication and steel products.


At INGETEK we are specialists in concrete reinforcing steel fabrication and steel products.

Products and Services

We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for construction services by integrating technically engineered solutions in both products and services.

Our customer-focused mindset is driven by our team culture fo identifying and coping with our customers’ needs and helping them to optimize their resources.

Why Ingetek is the right choice


  • Cost savings by minimizing material consumption, off-site solutions, and optimizing project resources.

  • Minimizing downtime in intensive work labor during the installation on-site and providing off-site rebar prefabricated solution to save time at the jobsite.

  • INGETEK’s staff has a proven track record of more than 20 years of experience supporting customers in the construction industry.

  • Our flexibility allows us to cope with our customers’ needs.

Our Difference

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Reduction
  • Experience
  • Flexibility

Our Projects

INGETEK’s services and products are part of the main industries of Mexico and the United States.

Our Customers

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