INGETEK offers products and services with innovative processes that meet the highest international quality standards through the implementation of advanced technologies, and with the support of a specialized technical area.

Technified Engineering


  • Forms and schemes of industrialized assembly
  • Standardized structures


  • Analysis of the elements that ease the reinforcement placement
  • Greater precision
  • Increase in execution speed


  • Constructive systems that reduce working risks
  • Savings in labor
  • Working risks reduction

Quality Control

The steel’s traceability is conceived as the follow-up from the reception of raw material to the delivery of the transformed parts, keeping a record of the casting, manufacturing shift, operator, machine, and the structural element on site.

INGETEK’s industrialized and automated system ensures that dimension limits and structure angles are not exceeded.

Technical area

INGETEK has a team of experts who provide technical assistance and is in charge of:

  • Project’s structural optimization.
  • Offering the best solutions based on the client’s and project’s requirements.
  • Advising the client about the products from which he can choose within the different solutions.
  • Technical assistance for installation in the worksite.

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